IMG Co-Sponsors ALTSLA 2019 Conference in Los Angeles

Recognized as the “West Coast’s premier alternative investment conference,” ALTSLA 2019 drew over 1,000 industry experts from across the country for discussion, education and commentary on a variety of alternative investment topics including investment real estate. The event was held in Los Angeles at the Westin Hotel on March 14, hosted by the CFA Society Los Angeles, CAIA Association, CalALTs and Markets Group.

Investors Management Group served as an ALTSLA 2019 co-sponsor, with Karlin Conklin, Marc Gordon and Dave Mikkelsen participating in educational discussions, presentations and networking events. Top relevant topics emphasized by presenters and attendees included:

  1. Financial market volatility is driving more equity into real estate and other alternative investments. Real estate in top markets is projected to perform favorably, providing some hedge to financial market volatility. Stable yields and attractive cost of debt make real estate a key component of investment portfolios structured for capital preservation and returns driven by a less-correlated asset class.
  2. Investors are raising their expectations for investment management tools. Investors in publicly traded debt and equity markets have benefitted from robust analytics and reporting for years. Alternative investment sponsors and managers are now increasingly providing the same services, using high tech reporting applications. IMG was pleased to introduce its investment portal and systematized reporting functions to clients in 2018.
  3. Investment sponsor/partner strength is paramount through changing markets. In a climate of uncertainty with regard to fluctuating equity and debt markets, investors in private investments look to trusted sponsors and advisors for guidance. Third-party ratings and analyst commentary don’t exist for private placement investments. Neither do broad secondary markets. So it becomes incumbent upon the investment sponsor to act as a knowledgeable and transparent partner to provide investors with valuations and illustrative market data, as well as to facilitate secondary market transactions as applicable.

IMG enjoyed the opportunity to engage with investors, advisors and service providers in the alternative investment community. Conferences such as ALTSLA 2019 provide a broad view of industry developments that serve as reference points as we continue evolving as a forward-thinking and technology driven investment sponsor. We appreciated the opportunity to support the event as advocates of multifamily real estate as an asset that delivers superior risk-adjusted returns as a long-term investment vehicle.

For more information on conference topics or IMG’s real estate offerings, please contact David Mikkelsen at (747) 262-5600.